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Are you ready to become better than you were yesterday?

APL is more than just a business. Those who decided to become a part of it will never be the same again. They are becoming the best version of themselves. Become a person who deserves a round of applause. 


-The Total global revenue generated through Network Marketing Companies is more than $192 billion dollars.

-There are more than 20 million people,  who are building their career in Network Marketing as their fulltime job. 

-More than 100 million people are engaged in this Industry worldwide. 

-The Network Marketing strategy is used by such companies as  Coca-Cola, Colgate, Gillette, Visa, Ford, Canon & Sharp.

-Constant Network Marketing Companies each year revenue growth in North America brought it to sky-high $34.5 billion in 2018.

-There are 18.6 million people only in North America are involved in Direct Sales.

It’s safe to say that network marketing is the economic wave of the future and logical step forward in the evolution of independent entrepreneurship.

Our products are easy to Enjoy and easy to Share!

Earn Daily Income from retail sales:

•  Online 

•  Events 

•  Workshops

Qualify for rewards, promotions, travel and events by building your Personal Sales Volume (PV) from: 

•  Retail and Wholesale orders of Retail Customers, Preferred 

Customers and Prime Customers

Earn Weekly Income from purchases of: 

•  Retail Customers 

•  Preferred Customers 

•  GOPrime Customers

Teach your team members to do the same! 

• Earn on Customer Volume to Infinity!

Within past year we’ve received all necessary licenses and contracted our core vendors and suppliers to make our business perfectly compliant according to USA regulations, and attractive to our Associates:

-We are registered with FDA as dietary supplements;
-We are doing legal direct shipment from our manufacturer to USA;
-We are receiving help from the best multi-level legal counsels;
-We are working hard so you could receive your orders as soon as possible;
-We have built a user-friendly website and Back Office;

It’s clear to see that those who start their business with us today will have a great chance to be ahead and reach success earlier than others.

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Eat Chiken

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