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Techniques on how to grow your Real Estate business without feeling burnt out by Claire Gogan

Meet Claire Gogan, a.k.a Superwoman, from Naples, FL. Claire is a real estate team leader, wife, and mother of 3. She started her real estate career because she saw the flexibility it provided and she believed it would help her achieve the life she always envisioned for her and her family.

Well, then reality hit. She got in and her business skyrocketed. It was racing around selling houses like crazy but she realized that she wanted more out of her business and her life. Claire made a choice to build a team that would serve her clients, her team members, and most importantly her family.
Watch this LIVE interview on Claire’s insights on how to avoid the ‘burnout” while running a real estate team.

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0:00 – Intro
0:59 – Claire Gogan introduces herself and her background
2:24 – Interesting and unique things about Claire
3:17 – Claire being an equestrian
4:23 – Reasons why Claire did not focus on being an equestrian
5:22 – Why Claire decided to switch to Real Estate
6:40 – Does Claire loves being in Real Estate, and why?
8:26 – Things Blake and Claire have in common
9:33 – 2 ways to make money in Real Estate
10:14 – Claire’s subordinates choose Real Estate so they can spend more time with their kids
11:14 -Claire’s journey in Real estate
13:50 – The pitfalls that Claire went through during her journey and her advice on how to avoid it
15:37 – 2 things about building a real estate team
17:34 – The fastest way to grow a real estate team is by not having a real estate license
19:10 – Don’t be afraid to hire somebody to help you get the job done or even better
19:55 – What’s Claire’s secret to success in Real Estate
21:09 – People are the answer, it is people who will build your business.
21:24 – Claire’s big payoff after adding more people to her team
22:58 – The friendship and professional relationship Blake and Dana built through the years
25:01 – Claire’s favorite book, podcast, and/or influencers that she recommends for self-growth
27:35 – Blake recommends Claire
27:16 – Blake’s closing remarks


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