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Preparing Your Small or Local Business For Black Friday

here are so many things that you should, could do that it can easily overwhelm you. So to help

keep you on track and focused, here’s the main things to do to make your Black Friday Campaign 2020 a success:

The 4 Preparations that will make or break your Black Friday:

PREPARATION 1: Choose Your Discounted & Sales Items (or digital products if you’re not ECommerce)

Reduce prices on products that your customers will perceive as valuable to them. But not on everything you sell.

The goal of a discount is to encourage more sales. So you want to be strategic. What products, if discounted, 

will encourage your customers to buy more items?

PREPARATION 2: Prepare & Test Your Site

More than 50 percent of your site visitors will leave if pages don’t load quickly. 

Try to get it to load in 3 seconds or less.  The best tools to use are  PageSpeed Insights or GTMetrix

because they’ll test your speed and then give suggestions to improve it. Just remember, increasing your

speed by one second will highly increase conversions.

PREPARATION 3: Optimize your Product Descriptions

Now before you panic, it’s not the monster you think it is. If you have an E Commerce store with

100’s of products, you don’t have to update all of them. Focus on the few products that you’re going

to promote on Black Friday. Optimize them & move on or you’ll get stuck going down a rabbit hole that could take you months.

So write a product description that that focuses on the buyer and their pain…so relate to them on a deep level.

Use power words that move them to buy, and that the search engines will pick up on. For now just do descriptions

for your Black Friday products or services and move on to the rest of these.

PREPARATION 4:  Set Up Your Content Schedule

* The key is to create content that captures both your target audience as well as the search engines. 

So first, flush out your schedule. Decide the times and dates you’ll post to various platforms.

From there, develop your:  

Bonuses, Giveaways and special discounts: 

Ad, email & sales page adcopy

Your SM topics & headlines

Images & Video storyboards


Roughly 50% of consumers begin shopping before Black Friday. Here are the 3 marketing strategies you want to focus on:


Gift guides solve 2 problems at once:  They save time and they save hassle or stress of figuring out what to buy so leverage

this by coming up with a gift guide that motivates your target audience to purchase

MARKETING STRATEGY 2:  Definitely offer referral rewards. This will help you retain some of your customers from Black Friday to repeat customers but 

the other powerful thing about this is that you can use look alike audience targeting to gain an even bigger audience and scale

later on.

MARKETING STRATEGY 3:  Work on Increasing Average Order Value

Examples:  Free shipping after $100; Buy 2 products, get the third at 30% off; 15% discount on all orders over $200.00

By far, the most valuable of these is offering Free shipping.


SALES STRATEGY 1: Flash sales:  These work best in the evening; YOu can do daily flash sales or hourly. Can boost sales up to 35%

Trigger by emailing your list, posting on your page or in groups that will let you, posting on sm just before the sale

SALES STRATEGY 2: Donating a percentage to a well known charity

SALES STRATEGY 3: Offer a Black Friday / Cyber Monday Product Bundle – put in what peopel would generally purchase together

This works for ECommerce and digital products and services as well.


1)  Really develop your email subject headlines

2)  GO LIVE, GO LIVE, GO LIVE!!!  Generate excitement. Going Live boosts your reach also.

3)  Use specific trending Black Friday hashtags! 


1) Begin building excitement using phrases that draw attention and curiosity on your posts and ad copy:

“Countdown to Black Friday.â€

“Shop till you drop.â€

“Survive the Black Friday rush; shop our online store for X% off.â€

“Buy more to save more†— a nifty Black Friday advertising slogan if you are using the average order value technique to sell to your audience.

“We are giving X% off on Black Friday!â€

“Get X% off, only on black Friday.â€

Use other renditions of these phrases consistently 

2)  Search ‘Black Friday Marketing Ideas’ on Pinterest and gain all the inspiration you need. Look at the pins and observe

the images and video clips to help you create stunning, irrisistible sm posts/ads

3)  Use The MicroVideos Online Black Friday Tool Kit & personalize it so it’s easier & customized to your business for next year.


1) If you find this helpful, please like, comment and subscribe. Hurry, right now, before you forget. I’d be so, so, so grateful.

2) Grab the FULLY LOADED Black Friday Tool Kit that includes a checklist  to keep you on track, power words for your ad copy, proven hashtags 

all the way New Year’s, a massive list of phrases and slogans to craft headlines and the most successful email subject lines 

that absolutely rock. And it’s all in one place so it’s easy to refer to and scrape from as you build your Black Friday campaign. (Link to Cheat Sheet/Scrape File in Youtube Description)

This will equip you with everything you need to make this Black Friday/Cyber Monday the best you’ve ever had. It’s all yours. Just

find the link to the Scrape File in the YouTube Description to gain instant access and get started right away.  

As always thanks for tuning in, never give up, never give in, & always pull from within! 

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