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Buying modern & beautiful murals for your living room online

Buying modern & beautiful murals for your living room (in XXL, large uvm.) online cheap from 24,95€.
If you are looking for canvas prints for your living room? You are right on ! You can choose from thousands templates with motifs of many different themes like cities, animals, art, etc. in different sizes and formats. Our prints are made in Germany according to the B1 standard and are highly flame retardant. So you can also hang out our products in public buildings and decorate, for example, your office space.
Pictures on canvas for your living room
You can decorate your living room with a painting of your preferred city or country. Every day, go on a brain trip to visit these wonderful places to remind yourself of the trip you made there. Glance at the skyline of New York featuring the Empire State Building, State of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge or bring safari feeling of Africa inside your house. There are many motifs of beloved cities in this online store. From romantic Paris to hectic New York hustle and bustle, you will find something for everybody here. Apart from cities, landscapes or flowers also make popular motifs for the living room. They suit any interior and introduce a piece of nature into the residence. From tropical blossoms and botanicals to close-ups and bird’s-eye shots, you’re sure to be able to find a canvas to your taste. There are many colorful blooms reflecting the colors of some of your furniture to smoothly blend in with your decor. The same goes for fine art paintings by a huge variety of artists, who automatically upgrade the room. When matched in color, they will turn a living room into a very special place. Paintings in several parts with a broad range of motifs give each wall a visually longer look and make the picture even more interesting. Suspended above your sofa or the TV, this will be an eye-catcher of a unique kind in this living room of yours. Even canvases with some motivational sayings and lovely quotes are well suited for a wall decoration of your lounge and thus the room in which one spends most of his time. Every day, motivate yourself again with a look at your favorite saying.
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