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Being A Happy Parent – Part Of Good Parenting

The truth is, parenting can be and should be a whole lot of fun, but several factors can hinder the enjoyment that should be ours as parents. Sigmund Freud suggests that the human psyche is by nature pleasure seeking. What’s fun about getting up at 6:00am to ensure that my little darlings are dressed, fed and watered, allowing myself a mere five minutes before the school run to sort myself out? What could possibly be entertaining about having to deal with a temper tantrum in the baked bean aisle of the local supermarket? Which part of that title did you not understand? Perhaps you are more cynical? This article has been written, you’ll be pleased to read, with the second group in mind. Remember to get the kids involved in meal choices and cooking, and always be flexible

Third, you’re allowed to make mistakes. There are plenty of guidebooks, magazines and websites devoted to the subject of parenting, where a parent can turn for advice on tips of positive parenting skills. It would also help you master another parenting skill that is successfully disciplining your children. These are just some of the things that you can do to master the parenting skill of patience, as patience is important in teaching your child how to survive in this world and become the best person that he/she can be. Parenting means different things to different people, but ultimately, parenting is a skill that needs to be learned and mastered

What does the Bible speak about parenting? In the book of John 17:26 the Bible tries to explain that one of the reasons of Jesus coming to this planet was to demonstrate to us how his father’s heart looked. The vital foundation law starts with the parents themselves. So Christian parenting means taking care of kids, just as God is always doing to us

It took me several years to stop raging and screaming at Allison. Perhaps you’re wondering why you need to take Parenting classes. It was as if I had a catalogue of words, gestures, and phrases that were ready and available at any moment, manifesting themselves spontaneously at any given time

Each child has a different milestone and though they cannot communicate, each child has varied interest levels. Eat a meal together at least five nights a week. This would include nagging, begging, pleading and trying to reason with your child. This is where discipline comes in. And, the only way they will truly learn is to experience the consequences of their choices


Eat Chiken

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