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Thinking 180 Degrees with Dr. Dan Pompa Get Naked in Business Podcast

It’s time to get naked down to a cellular level! Join David as he welcomes Creator of Cellular Healing TV, Creator of The #1 Website for Natural Detox Health Solutions & long time friend, Dr. Dan Pompa. David & Dan quickly get into the hot topic of COVID-19. Dan shares how his sickness led him to discover the beauty of cellular detox, how it made him better & how it led him down the pathway of cellular healing.


[00:02:53] Dr. Pompa’s Take on COVID-19[00:10:59] Who’s More at Risk?[00:14:17] Where is Dr. Pompa Pivoting Now?[00:17:15] Newest Pivot

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About Get Naked Podcast

Welcome to the Get Naked In Business video podcast.

So the big question is… how do entrepreneurs like us, who built our businesses from the ground up, who spend our own capital, who want to make a huge impact on this world, how do we do all that and create a great income?

My mission for this podcast is to interview amazing entrepreneurs who are willing to get naked in front of the mirror, jump up and down, and let the real, raw insights all hang out. Insights to help accelerate your business growth.

My name is David Asarnow and welcome to Get Naked In Business. I’m glad you’re here… now it’s time to get naked!

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