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The Ultimate Guide in Mastering the Lead Flow in Real Estate

In this video, Blake Cory discussed what is Lead Flow, why it is important in Real Estate, how will you master Lead Flow, and who it’s actually distributed to?
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0:00 – Intro
1:05 – Lead flow introduction
1:47 – 3 primary groups for Lead Flow distribution
1:56 – Buyers that needs to be sent directly to outside sales team
2:48 – 1st level of the lead flow
3:57 – Outside sales and inside sales
4:43 – 2nd level of the lead flow
6:02 – Level 2 should go to inbound inside sales
6:34 – ISA designed to nurture
7:10 – What happens to 1st level leads if they’ll suddenly not buy because of credit issues
8:11 – Mistakes that agent are making
9:09 – 3rd level of the lead flow
10:00 – Outbound ISA- what do they do?
11:52 – How Outbound and Inbound ISA’s work together.
13:36 – Closing remarks


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