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The Ins And Outs Of LinkedIn

How many of you use LinkedIn to connect with other professionals? *Cue me and hopefully all of you raising our hands*

That is GREAT! I’m going to share our best tips and tricks so you can use LinkedIn even more impactfully!

Here we go:

1. Substantial Growth is Attainable

LinkedIn is not just a position filing/job search platform (although those are amazing features you can use). Think of LinkedIn as a dynamic platform where you can target and reach very specific growth for your brand. Some of the awesome things you can do are: strike a big deal, sell products, and forge career changes.

2. Develop your Biz!

LinkedIn is a valuable source to develop your business and partnerships. Here’s how:

  • Searching for jobs
  • Connecting with who you want
  • Finding leaders of companies you want to work for (and being able to connect with them and sending direct emails)
  • Fostering lines of communication


3. Who should use LinkedIn

  • Someone with a large deal – that if you’re making $15,000 or more from a deal, customer, or from the lifetime of the client
  • If you are sure of the exact type of person who will buy your product and/or service. If you aren’t sure who, then THIS isn’t the best platform (because your ads should be specific on LinkedIn).
  • White-collar recruiters for most types of jobs
  • Higher Education institutions – according to Wilcox, LinkedIn is the only advertising platform that allows you to use scholastic-related targeting.

4. Do’s and Don’ts of connections

In case you don’t already know, everyone loves to buy, but hates to be sold! When you meet someone you want to connect with, you don’t just shove your business card in their face and demanding their business… at least, I hope you don’t do this! So you shouldn’t do the equivalent on LinkedIn. Check out our Do’s and Don’ts, so you don’t get yourself in a sticky situation.


  • When reaching out to people: don’t come off like you’re selling, or you’ll most likely land in their spam folder


  • Reach out with the pure intention of helping them grow their business
  • Offer your inimitable value THROUGH your product or service
  • To position yourself with a strategy, start off with a soft connection, and think how you can provide this person with value
  • Produce content that generates lead. “Buuut how?!”. AJ Wilcox from LinkedIn says to: make simple updates, and to share your experiences and thoughts rather than just using the LinkedIn article finder.

5. Connecting:


  • Huge connection numbers do not always necessarily equal a huge impact. You don’t need to accept everyone who sends you a request just because they are in your industry or added you! Be selective, and only accept those you feel would have a mutual benefit.
  • To connect or not to connect: If you have a large audience that isn’t commenting and liking your content, they aren’t being helpful! That’s why the above is important! Connect with those for MUTUAL benefits such as liking, commenting, and sharing each other’s content.

6. Advertising:

  • LinkedIn is a platform where people engage with businesses, services or products. Therefore, running ads here is more likely to draw attention.
  • This is a BUSINESS platform, so, it’s easier to engage with professionals. It is key to connect on LinkedIn!
  • Because there are career-minded people on this platform, offering someone something related to their work will grab their attention (Wilcox), as opposed to Facebook where you’re competing with an insane amount of enticing videos (such as animals, cooking, comedy, etc).


  • FLIRT TO CONVERT – make this your content strategy! Provide potential customers with info and insight on how you can help solve their problems rather than sending direct messages asking people to buy your content.
  • Creating a strong advertising title is key! If people aren’t intrigued by your title, they definitely won’t read your articles.
  • Creating a strong advertising title is key! If people aren’t intrigued by your title, they definitely won’t read your articles.

Final Tips & Tricks:

  • LinkedIn is a wonderful B2B platform.
  • Be more precise and professional on LinkedIn, because people are there for the business aspect and not just to socialize.
  • According to Wilcox, you should be aware that LinkedIn is one of the most expensive platforms to advertise – around $6-$9 per click!
  • Flirt to convert! Don’t be too direct and ask people to buy your product / service right away. Give value first.
  • Change up your pics on your ads to keep it fresh!

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