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The Enemy of Done

We’re often called the big picture thinkers… the innovators… the ideators… the visionaries…

One of the big things that quickly deflate our excitement after we bring new ideas to our teams to implement is the speed at which they are implemented.

I’ll admit it…I was completely unrealistic in my expectations as far as the time and energy it took to get projects from concept to completion. 

It was only until my project manager got on a video call with me and showed me exactly all the steps and moving parts involved in getting just one of these projects tasked, implemented, tested and then launched.  

BTW: Highly suggest you do this at some point with your project manager. Not only is it a huge eye-opening experience…

  • You’ll gain a clearer understanding of what it really takes to get a project off the ground. 
  • Knowing this information will give you a better insight when it comes to establishing project priority levels with your team. 
  • You’ll walk away with a deeper appreciation for your team and everything they do that goes into supporting you and your vision. 

Doing this also gives you and your team the opportunity to figure out how to stream-line processes so projects can always be completed on time. 

Of course there is very little we can do when it comes to manipulating the mechanics involved in each individual project, but there are a few areas that are well within our control.  

One of the biggest mistakes we make that adds time to the clock is the idea that it has to be perfect.  


Sometimes we strive for perfection rather than focusing on just getting it out the door and adjusting from there. 

It’s all about movement…STOP getting hung up on the little things that aren’t going to matter tomorrow.  

You know as well as I do that tomorrow’s idea will always trump the idea you have today… 

Everyday you’ll discover something new, and you’ll see something you want to change. 

Whatever you envision as “perfect” right now is irrelevant because it will change. 

It will continually evolve. 

The key is to create the momentum and just get it out there! 

Then you can refine, adjust and improve. 

Perfection is dangerous because it also causes deadlines to move. This of course results in  exactly what we don’t want. 


Whether you want to hear it or not, another BIG cause of the delays we hate so much is US

How often is a project held up because your team is waiting on you to get them what they need? 

Maybe it’s a video you promised you’d record. 

Maybe it’s an approval you need to make, or a decision that’s still up in the air.   

From my point of view (and remember, I’ve seen the view from both sides), you have two choices (if you truly want to solve this particular problem)

Choice #1: Figure out a way to make the necessary changes to make it happen.  Sometimes it’s as simple as adding time to your calendar to knock it out. 

For me, if it’s not scheduled it doesn’t exist. 


Choice #2: Get OUT of your own way. As Entrepreneurs, we love to have our hands in, well just about everything. 

Most Entrepreneurs I know find it necessary to micromanage their team. It’s hard for us to “let go” and give our team the autonomy to do what we’ve hired them to do. This is a big hurdle for most business owners who want to grow and scale their companies. 

They just find it hard to trust. 

But just as “Perfect is the enemy of done”, “Micromanaging is the enemy of growth”. 

There comes a time when you must allow the team you put in place to do their jobs. 

Empower them to take ownership. 

Give them the support they need only when they truly need it. 

With that, never forget how important clarity is when it comes to communicating with your team about your ideas and vision. 

As leaders, it’s our job to be clear and intentional when it comes to the long-term goal we want to achieve. 

As always, simply comment below or message me if you want to chat and brainstorm ways to take your business to the next level. 

To your success, 


Business Nitrogen

Eat Chiken

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