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The CORSIA Timeline

CORSIA, the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for
International Aviation, addresses the increase in total CO2 emissions from
international aviation above 2020 levels.

The CORSIA timeline outlines the mandate which was adopted at the
39th session of the ICAO Assembly in 2016.

CORSIA’s obligations have already started. As of January 1,
2019, all carriers must report their CO2 emissions on an annual basis.

The aviation industry is committed to technology, operational,
and infrastructure advances to continue to reduce the sector’s carbon
emissions. Offsetting is not intended to replace these efforts. Nor would the
CORSIA make fuel efficiency any less of a day-to-day priority.

It is forecast that CORSIA will mitigate around 2.5 billion
tonnes of CO2 and generate over USD 40 billion in climate finance between 2021
and 2035. Learn more about the corsia timeline today.

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