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SEO Keywords That Make You Money!

SEO Keywords That Make You Money!

Welcome back beautiful and amazing seo people

My name is Don Siller from Rank Wave SEO

In today’s video I will tell what are the different types of keywords and how to use then to 

dramatically boost the effectiveness of your SEo on  any atricle,blog or video.

Lets get right into it.

What is a keyword.

So a keyword or a search term

search phrase there’s a bunch of

different ways to say it is

a term that people type in.

When they’re looking to find something.

you can see here san francisco

wedding photographer

that’s a keyword or a search term.

Now there’s different types of keywords

there’s broad keywords

and there’s long tail keywords.

Broad keywords

are things like cars flowers books

budgeting dentist.

General searches of long tail


are something more like use ford fiesta or

how to budget on a low income.

The more general you get with keywords

usually the more commercial you get.


the more more money you will actually

end up making.

The more long the longer tail

keywords that you target are generally

more informational.

Why you should do something, comparing

yoast seo versus rank math seo these are

two different plugins that would be kind

of a long tail

articlesmost people are trying to

compete for.

The highly commercial highly valuable

keywords like these ones the broad ones

the problem with these though is because

so many people are competing for the

general keywords.

It’s harder to rank for

them especially if you don’t have any


Meaning that you don’t have links you

don’t have any relevancy nobody knows

who you are.

So when you start out you want to try to

put together a list of the things that

you should rank for that’s longer tail.

If you have

a more authoritative website that’s been

around for a while and it has a lot of

authority a lot of traffic a lot of


then you can try to focus on more

general keywords.

A keyword again is

something that you can discover

with certain tools like

google keyword planner and

you can identify what

searches these keywords actually have.

When you type in seo you can see a bunch

of different types of keywords

seo company seo services google seo.

You can see their average monthly searches

so we’ll get more into how to actually

find keywords but

you should understand the basic

principle of an of a keyword there’s

different types of keywords. 

As well there’s

localized keywords so things with city

modifiers like seo santa barbara

los angelesand so on. There’s

navigational keywords like your

blog name

would be something that you’d be trying

to find

through navigation.

There are service based keywords like

seo audit service and

there are product based keywords like

seo template.

You generally want to focus if

you’re brand new on

info based keywords like how to use an

seo template

those are very specific.

If you go

for navigational tech keywords like

seo checklist

unless you’re trying to rank for 

brand name.

If you’re trying to rank for

your own brand name it would

probably not really be worth it because the

only people are going to find that

search result

those keywords typing those keywords are

people who already know who you are.

IF you want to reach new people and the

way i would do that is usually by

doing articles that are targeting

keywords that are

longer tail less general.  

As i bring

in more authority

i can start targeting higher more



That’s it for this video if you wnat to learn how to use seo to may more especially local SEO

click the link in the description and check one of the best in the business.

Until next time stay awesome


Eat Chiken

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