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RCS Custom Exhibits

Los Angeles-based RCS custom exhibits has been specializing in custom trade show displays for more than 10 years. They have been building exhibit booths for major brands and trade shows all over the US from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, San Francisco and more. They built, delivered and installed custom exhibits at CES, E3, Playstation Experience and Travel Good Show, among others, for renown clients such as Unitas, Avegant, Uvify, Valkyrie, Glyph and more.  

Trade shows are a very competitive place for vendors which makes the need to create a booth that will stand out essential, otherwise you might as well stay home. They should attract visitors, be memorable, provide a sensorial experience and be social media-friendly to generate a buzz and a good return on investment.i

RCS Custom Exhibits a one-stop-shop providing all the services needed for an easy experience, from 3D exhibit modeling and design to full construction, transportation, installation and breakdown. They will take your ideas and bring them to life with realistic 3D Renderings. They will then determine the best cost-effective solution to create your booth according to your budget. You can check out their extensive trade show exhibit portfolio on

Eat Chiken

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