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Metal Recycling Los Angeles

Fernando Valley scrap metal recycling firm in
business since 2010, We pay top prices for brass, stainless steel, copper, copper
wires, plastic & glass bottles, aluminum cans, and more.  Our desire is to reduce waste and reuse these metals. We believe in
being green, and try
to take steps towards better world.  Making the right metal recycling
decisions now shapes a healthier future: a future
with clean water,fresh air, and healthy inhabitants –
both human and otherwise.

TM Scrap
Metals also offers a mobile recycling service. We collect the scrap materials from your home and
recycle it all. We do mobile recycling to make recycling easy! You need only to phone
us and our team of scrap professionals will be at
your job site.

Our Sun Valley, CA recycling center truly is close
to all of greater L.A.. Looking
for a local recycling center that comes to
you? TM Scrap Metals mobile recycling is as close as your phone.

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Eat Chiken

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