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How to implement the Perfect Offer System in Real Estate

How to implement the Perfect Offer System in Real Estate?

In this video, Blake Cory discussed why it’s important that the home sellers know who they will be selling their previous homes to and why it matters. And how will the modified Perfect Offer System can help you, Real Estate agents, get your buyers under a contract.
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0:00 – Intro
1:34 – The lack of love and appreciation of some states in the US to home buyers and home sellers
2:52 – The emotional experience of selling a house
3:40 – Why it’s important to sellers to know who will buy their house
5:47 – The modified perfect offer system
7:45 – Leading the buyer
8:45 – Match your buyers with houses
10:52 – Focusing on making an offer ASAP if the buyer finds their ideal house
13:15 – How the script would sound like
16:10 – The importance of communication between you, the buyer, and the seller
17:19 – Why it’s important to have an open dialogue with the listing broker
19:00 – Why it’s important to sound professional
19:50 – Teamwork between you, lenders, vendors, and brokers is the key to more sales
21:33 – Escalation clause in the offer
23:30 – Cover letter alternative technique
26:10 – Closing message

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