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How to earn $3 million commission in just 6 months in Real Estate

In this video, Blake Cory discussed and shared the scripting framework that helped his team make more than $3 million commission in Real Estate in just 6 months.

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0:00 – Intro
4:07 – The importance of tracking the inventory level
6:20 – Introduction to the Real Estate Script
6:48 – The difference between Prospecting and Lead Generation
10:21 – The kind of script to use to actually get Leads
11:33 – The scripting framework to make your business scalable
12:49 – What do buyers want when it comes to purchasing a home?
13:49 – How to get your buyers to be more interested in buying
16:56 – Why else would a buyer wanna meet with you?
18:02 – What is an off-market property?
19:05 – How did Blake scale up his business?
20:02 – 3 principles that all home seller wants
21:52 – Home seller advantage program
23:00 – What you can learn in framework scripting
24:50 – The importance of sounding natural to buyers and sellers
25:30 – The fact-finding process
27:00 – Things to cover in the fact-finding process
29:48 – The most important question that needs to be asked
30:25 – The 2nd most important question that needs to be asked
31:26 – Summary of The scripting framework
32:10 – How to sound natural when cold-calling
34:46 – The importance of being consistent in calling back your leads
36:02 – Join our Real Estate FB group
38:00 – Social media interaction
38:30 – How did Blake master the framework in scripting
39:48 – Final words


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