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How Jennifer Kenna AVOIDED this common real estate pitfall

Jennifer was running her small team of 10 agents and decided it was time to TURN IT UP. She reached out to Blake and said “let’s do this”. She took Blake’s advice of surrounding yourself with people who can put everything in place, while you create the solutions. By following Blake’s proven strategies she has grown her business 4x by implementing all the strategies.
Watch this LIVE interview on her secrets to avoid the MOST common real estate pitfalls.

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0:00 – Intro
1:10 – Jennifer Kenna introduces herself and her background
4:02 – Why Jennifer chose to be in the Real Estate industry
5:47 – More about Jennifer’s background
6:37 – Jennifer goes from flipping houses to actually selling real estate
7:22 – Blake’s career from 2008 to 2014
8:36 – Jennifer’s journey when she just started around the area
10:05 – Jennifer on the first challenge on her journey and how she overcomes that
12:35 – The growth of a team leader is also the growth of the whole team
14:15 – The major pitfalls Jennifer sees that other agents fall into
15:36 – Why it’s important for the CEO or leader to delegate the tasks to his/her subordinates
17:19 – Secrets to success in Real Estate by Jennifer Kenna
18:12 – Why it’s important to hire a coach
19:03 – Modeling is the key to an easier journey than figuring out all by yourself
20:11 – The challenge of finding a coach who actually done it with positive results
21:00 – The big payoff for Jennifer
22:43 – Why it’s important to surround yourself with people who you can learn something with
23:56 – Jennifer’s favorite podcast, books, or Youtube channels to read or listen to
25:06 – Blake’s closing remarks


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