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You should also look for a personal growth coach that you are able to get along with. However, the best personal coach will be thoroughly trained on one specific aspect of personal development. On your list rearrange the items so that your number 1 priority activities are at the start, the next is your number 2 and so on. Many coaches are trained in the general skills with reference to personal growth

Any sort of goal can seem unattainable when we allow ourselves to think about the how far we might fall if we dare to try. Make sure that your modules will fill all the needs and demands of your clients. Keep telling yourself that you are able to meet these goals with your own skills and talents. Their goals should revolve around their family, health, career, recreation, social life, financial status, personal growth, and spiritual growth

This article describes the “Puddle Theory of Personal Development” which helps those seeking enlightenment to move more easily through the cycles and changes of life. One simple movement forward (or perhaps even sideways!) and new life will show up. A “puddle” is the ultimate re-framing of a “bottomless pit” or a “dark hole” or an “abyss” or an “unfathomable chasm” or “deep yogurt” or an “empty void” or “in trouble” or — well, you get the idea. You see from them I gained a higher understanding of not just myself but everyone around me. And, I know that one of the reasons clients call me is so that I can see what they do not readily see and, in turn, assure them that something more hopeful than hopelessness is really happening for them or is possible

NLP provides a mechanism that shows you how to take those negative reactions, and turn them round into positive and functional reactions that will start to empower you. Are you emotionally healthy? Do you have no unfinished issues that would be better handled through therapy? 2. Focusing and working on the right problem is essential but can be associated with the pain and fear of error in judgment. Addressing the problem correctly is essential and in the course of arriving at a solution the situation may change and the problem becomes a new problem while the situation doesn’t change. This exercise helps you identify exactly what those negative behaviour patterns are

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Eat Chiken

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