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Today we’re gonna talk about your head in the game. Now the question is, is your head in the game? I want you to think about it. Do you know anyone out there that, they snap their fingers and all of a sudden it’s like abracadabra, they get everything they want? And you’re like, “oh my gosh, “these are the most lucky people in the world. “Everything they do just comes to them.” It’s sort of like that Midas touch. Everything they touch turns to gold. I like to look at it a little bit different. It’s not, it’s not luck at all. There’s three things that create luck. I think it’s number one, it’s belief. Now, what do these people have that most people don’t? They harness the power of their mind. And when you want to think about what it takes to be successful, it’s belief, it’s preparation, and three, it’s massive action. And let’s talk a little bit about harnessing the power of your mind. And it really makes me think back to when I was about 16 years old and I remember it like it was yesterday. You see back then I was going through a little bit of a hard time. And if you grew up, or you know anyone who grew up in a divorced family, there’s things that happen to teenage kids. For me, I sort of felt, I don’t know if I did or I didn’t, I felt like I was alone. I felt like I was clammed up in a shell. And back then we used to go and hang out at the malls a lot, and I walked into a bookstore and in that bookstore I saw a cassette tape on a shelf. I don’t know what made me do it at 16 years old, but I went to the self-help aisle and I saw something about self-confidence because I didn’t have any back then. And I listened to that tape, and I’m dating myself, I listened to that tape over and over and over again. And it was literally one of those things where I was pro, I learned… I didn’t go in there looking for this but I programmed my mind and I started seeing myself differently. I started taking different actions and I felt different on the outside. And then one of the things happened. I ran track. And for some reason I went back to that bookstore and I went to the self-help aisle and I found a book there that was talking about Eastern European athletes. And one of the things that I thought was absolutely amazing, they were talking about studies that people who practiced, and this was in guns and target shooting, the people who practiced at the range, and they practiced it in their minds with their eyes closed, and they could actually see it happening right in front of their eyes, those people actually got better results than the people who were going to the range all the time. And so one of the things that I started doing, I used to run hurdles and it’s so funny, when I, my last high school reunion one of the guys asked me, Jim Hague, was I praying on the side of the track and I laughed. And usually what I did is I’d lie down there, I’d take a stopwatch in my hand, I would close my eyes and I would rehearse my race. I’d hear the gun going off, I’d feel the adrenaline going through my body and I would literally run the race in my mind. I’d be there at the 15th step, and I’d be there and my leg would go up and I’d be running over the hurdles. The interesting thing was at the end, I’d see myself going through that finish line, I’d stop the stopwatch, and if I didn’t like my time, I’d run it again. And my results were literally within tenths of a second of what was on the stopwatch. And so I learned at a very young age that you’re able to harness the power of our mind. And it’s funny because Jen Busick on our team, her daughter, Morgan, is running right now and in fact she just ran in, I think, the California semi-finals. And Jen was telling me that she wrote her times on her arm and she wrote these motivational speeches and I just smile. And you know what, she’s blessed because she’s got parents that have that positive motivation. In fact, Chad, her husband is a sports performance coach and he works with athletes, and it makes me, it brings me it’s like flashbacks and I love hearing it because it reminds me of what I did. But here’s the thing, we all have this opportunity. We all have this opportunity to create this belief in our mind, to program everything that we want to create in our lives. And I think that’s really one of the big differences when I look at it between the people who are in that top 1%, peak performance achievers, and those that are not. They have like, nothing can stop them.

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