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Do I have a Bad Logo design? How to Self-Diagnose

Do you often find on your own questioning if you have a negative logo design? Perhaps you’ve been told that you need logo design inspiration from the logo design community.

You might be believing, “I do not also know what a great logo appears like vs. a bad logo design. So how would certainly I know if mine is a poor logo design?”

Well, fret not due to the fact that we have the response for you!

Many individuals believe that excellent logos are testing to design as well as maintain a fantastic modern logo design. But, in reality, they can be easy as long as you adhere to the logo style tips to maintain you from having a negative logo layout.

What Makes a Great Logo

A good logo can be identified by its “simplicity, memorability and eternity.” To put it simply, a quality logo is easy to remember as well as is not dated or outdated, and gives you brand name acknowledgment instantly. Here is an outstanding example of excellent logo designs:

Take a look at the Nike as well as Adidas logo layout. They both use similar components (the name and a sign). Still, their signs provide a side over the various other, making them distinct from each various other and conveniently recognizable.

Why is that? To place it just, Nike’s icon appears like a checkmark while Adidas’ icon looks like a mountain. So despite the fact that these are 2 of the same kind of firms, you can easily set apart one from the other; even if you see the logo design without the firm name, you’ll never ever consider either of these logos and also consider various brand names.

It coincides with Pepsi and Coke. Again, 2 similar companies, however you’ll never confuse the Pepsi logo design with the Coke logo design.

Memorable logos should likewise have an uncomplicated as well as easy-to-read visuals layout. Clearness suggests that there are no complicated aspects or hidden messages in the graphic layout of the logo design; it is self-explanatory and does not call for any kind of unique understanding or context to comprehend it as well as realize your companies brand identity.

What Not to Do When Developing Your Business’s Logo

To assist you determine what not to do when developing a logo design and keep you from adopting an awful logo design, we have actually compiled a listing of one of the most usual errors. Not just will these style methods assist you to avoid making the very same error on your own, but they will certainly additionally reveal you why certain design elements are so essential.

Unavoidable errors are extra common in brand-new logo layout than others. Nonetheless, seeing them in action can assist you prevent them in your work. We have actually assembled a checklist of the most regular blunders of logo layout mistakes for your ease. If you’ve already devoted among these company identification transgressions, do not be startled; after reviewing this article, you’ll recognize how to take care of the issue.

Do Not Use Way Too Many Colors

You need to never make use of greater than 2 colors for your logo style, 3 at the very many. The reason we claim this is since if you’re designing a logo to flaunt your brand identity that can be published in color or black and also white, you wish to see to it that your logo design will still be conveniently well-known in either scenario.

It’s finest to stick to two or three standard shades that work well together. Furthermore, it would certainly be best to think about making your logo design grayscale to prevent clashing tones that will make your brand appearance unprofessional.

As for shades for your logo layout, you will certainly wish to stay clear of making use of slopes in your graphic style.

Don’t Utilize Gradient Colors

One of the most significant blunders that a firm can make when logo developers are creating a graphic design for a new logo design is utilizing gradients.

The problem with gradients is that they do not always transfer well in printing. So depending upon the medium, they might not constantly appear as you would certainly like them to.

Whether it’s the way they discolor into each other, or the gradient is also dark, as well as we can not construct the style, slopes don’t work well in logo designs.

Stay clear of utilizing slopes in your logo design, and also you’ll get on the ideal track to having a great-looking logo that makes your brand identity stand out.

Utilizing gradient shades is just one of one of the most common mistakes that companies make when they are developing their new logo design. The best point you can do if you’re dead set on a gradient is to create an original logo and also a 2nd, printer-friendly version of your logo.

Don’t Usage Way Too Many Fonts

Using a lot of font styles can spoil the communication of your logo layout. As for how many fonts to utilize, we suggest making use of no more than 2 at max.

We advise no greater than two typefaces for your logo style since way too many typefaces can result in your firm’s logo looking unprofessional as well as tantamount. Would this look good on a t shirt or poster to flaunt your business identity? Most likely not!

Don’t Utilize a Font Style that is Tough to Read

The typeface you choose for your logo design needs to be easy, sleek, and professional-looking. Keep away from fonts with strange contours or strange angles.

If you’re thinking of using greater than one typeface at the same time, see to it they are both simple to read or are placed next to each other in a way that makes it easier for the eye.

Do Not Make Use Of Clip Art Logos

Suppose you’re thinking about making your logo design in PowerPoint or a few other program with tons of clip art attributes. Because case, we highly urge you to reevaluate! Rather, go with original logo design art developed by a graphic designer.

Expect you are considering developing a logo style in PowerPoint or some other program with tons of clip art attributes. Because situation, we strongly prompt you to reassess! Instead, go with innovative logos that have actually not been utilized before as well as will not be utilized again.

Don’t Make Your Logo Designs Too Hard to Review

Your target market ought to be able to read your logo design easily and promptly without any complication. If it takes them a while to understand the definition of your logo design, after that you might have a concern with readability. On the other hand, if you can’t read a logo, it’s a negative logo.

For clients or customers to understand what you are trying to say with your logo design, they require to review it. And not simply read it; they need to be able to point it out any place your logo shows up and also recognize what your business does simply by seeing the logo style.

A prime example of a firm with an easy-to-read logo design is FedEx. The FedEx logo design is very easy to review as well as has clear style aspects. The FedEx logo design is composed of nothing more than a dynamic arrow as well as the letters that compose the business name. In today’s globe, easy logos are a lot more sophisticated and sensible.

Don’t Use Excessive Detail

Some logos are really made complex with lots of information. This can make them appear jumbled and not visually pleasing. A good policy to keep in mind is this: if you can not draw it, don’t include it in your logo design.

When designing a logo design, maintain simplicity in mind. The even more complex the logo design shows up, the much less of the logo your possible clients will keep in mind. If your customers don’t remember you when they are searching for a service in your area, your logo design sends the wrong message, and you do not have an effective logo design.

It’s never ever a good concept to develop a logo design that has way too much going on. This will make it harder for customers and also customers to bear in mind your business down the line, which indicates they won’t return as often, and also you’ll miss out on potential service.

So what should you do? First, keep your logo designs straightforward as well as easy-to-read in any way times! Your logo design’s work is to embed itself right into the minds of potential clients to make sure that when they consider your field, they consider you over anybody else.

Consider the Starbucks logo. Starbucks Coffee has a distinct brand identification. When a person considers coffee, they more than likely consider Starbucks. This is because Starbucks has placed in the moment and also initiative to make its logo stick out, be easily remembered, as well as appear professional.

Do Not Provide Your Logo a Complicated Monogrammed

A monogrammed is a design made from two or more letter/symbol forms, which are created to make one bigger shape.

Monogrammeds are fantastic for individualizing an item by integrating initials or names of people right into a solitary style. However, if you’re thinking about utilizing a monogrammed for your logo design, realize that it can be hard to read unless you’re making use of the correct kind of typeface.

Monogrammeds are fantastic for individualizing a things. As an example, suppose your logo cleverly incorporates initials or names of individuals right into a solitary style that is very easy to see. Because instance, it’s probably a great logo. However, if you’re considering utilizing a monogrammed for your logo design, bear in mind that it will certainly be tough to read unless you make use of the correct font style.

Do Not Develop a Logo that A Child Can’t Draw

A fantastic advertising and marketing strategy is to develop a logo that any individual can attract, even a child. If your logo is simple enough to be attracted by a kid, you are sure to make a perception on any kind of possible clients.

This goes back to the suggestion that you desire your logo design to embed the customers’ minds, not puzzle them. As a result, a terrific logo design will certainly be conveniently remembered and also transparent in its meaning. On the other hand, a negative logo design would be something that has a lot information that a person’s interest would just be attracted to one element as opposed to the whole photo.

The very best instance of a logo design that can be easily drawn is the Nike swoosh. The symbol is basic, it is very easy to keep in mind, and it is extremely effective.

If your prospective clients can draw the logo, after that they are more likely to bear in mind it.

This is what you desire! Your clients remembering your business due to a creative graphic layout is specifically what you desire from your logo design.

Inadequately Designed Logos

Since we have looked at what it requires to make amazing logo designs, it’s also essential to understand what can happen if you do not take the time to adhere to these style regulations.

Any logo design that makes it tough to determine what the company does, its name, or where the company lies should be thrown away today.

If you are having difficulty making your logo design and guaranteeing it’s not a poor logo, ask a pal or member of the family what they consider it. Ask if they can interpret the message from your logo as well as if they have any tips on how you could enhance it. If the individual doesn’t understand your logo or recommends modifications, after that chances are you need to revamp your logo design.

A bad logo is common in firm logo designs that try to incorporate whatever into one photo. If you’re not cautious, consisting of too many aspects can make it tough for your logo to be unique and also remarkable.

You do not desire consumers confusing your brand keeping that of another business or neglecting you totally due to the fact that there is way too much hindering of their being able to remember what your logo looks like!


The Kia logo design would certainly be at the top of our list of bad logo designs. The reason for this is because it is made complex to determine what the symbol states!

Remember, if you can not construct out what the logo design claims, you can not make out what the business does. Likewise, if you can not attract the logo from memory, possibilities are you won’t be able to keep in mind the company either.

KIA has actually experienced numerous logo adjustments, yet this is probably their worst logo design. It’s hard to inform where the sign ends and also where the letters start, that makes it very difficult for individuals to recognize what this brand name is everything about.


One more business on our list of negative logos is the Jaguar Logo design. This logo gets on our list due to the fact that it’s as well hectic and also confusing for the average customer to find out what business does.

The initial point you consider when considering this logo is speed, also if you know absolutely nothing concerning cars! Which may be exactly the intention of having such a vibrant picture. Yet the point is that if people see this logo design, they could not know what you do.

You want a logo design that persuades brand-new customers concerning what your organization does without spending any additional money on advertising and marketing!


Next off on our quick checklist of bad logos is AT&T. This logo is an excellent example of a company simply throwing every element they could think about right into it and hoping for the most effective!

This is on our list of worst logos because there are too many shades, lines, as well as forms that make it hard to identify what exactly you’re checking out.

Logos can make or break a service, and making certain that your firm’s logo design attracts attention amongst the remainder is incredibly crucial.


Another firm that doesn’t impress us with its poor logo design is the NBA logo. This is an additional terrific example of simply placing every little thing in the logo as well as wishing for the most effective.

This set makes our list due to the fact that it’s not extremely memorable or one-of-a-kind to their specific brand. But, certainly, you might state that regarding any sporting activities team logo. Still, when you’re spending for a distinct idea for your organization, you don’t intend to opt for something that you can find on 100 various other web sites.

Logos are so vital due to the fact that they help individuals determine your business and also remember your brand name! However, suppose your logo is much like every other firm’s. Because instance, that takes away from the originality of your firm and also how memorable it will certainly be for possible customers.


Lastly, our last company on our listing of poor logo designs is Peavey. We feel that this logo design makes it onto our list due to the fact that they intended to include an excellent picture of a guitar and a crucial element of their service in one design.

However, what they wound up with looks counterfeit, as well as tough to inform what it stands for.

When you’re creating a logo design, the point is to see to it that it’s very easy to find out swiftly and also looks professional. If your company’s logo isn’t looking like it belongs in an ad or on a web site for other organizations, after that chances are it appears phony and unprofessional– which may avoid individuals from taking you seriously as a possible service partner.

Now that you have actually found out more about negative logos and also why they are harmful to the success of your business, with any luck, this has provided you some insight on what to search for in developing your own firm’s logo design! If you wish to learn more methods to

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The business’s slogan is “Graphic Style Done Right.” The factor for this is because Blend Advertising and marketing takes a lot of satisfaction in being able to work with each client to provide specifically what they want, create a high-quality style that will certainly look fantastic once it has actually been printed on products, as well as do every one of this while still providing inexpensive prices.

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