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Forex Market Hours – Can You Really Trade 24-7?

Forex markets provide individuals with the single biggest trading platform in the world. Each day there are billions of dollars that are traded in different currencies. One of the biggest advantages of trading in forex is that it is open for twenty four hours. Apart from this liquidity is also a major factor that has made forex trading so popular. There are different time zones that are available and traders can choose the forex markets of their choice. Different currencies are traded in pairs and this is a very fluctuating market where they go up and down each day. Some of the most popular pair of currencies that are traded daily includes U.S dollar/Euro and U.S dollar/Japanese Yen and U.S dollar/British pound. There are various factors that determine their movement and it is important that traders are aware about them. A very interesting aspect about trading in forex markets is that they are both simple and complex at the same time.

The Forums at Forex Factory have a huge appeal as indicated by the thousands of users online each day. For me, the calendar is by far the most useful feature at Forex Factory. The News feature is also useful to get a broad overview of market sentiment. At the same time caution is needed if you use technical analysis as your main trading tool as the comments and opinions of others can sometimes blur your own analysis and lead to flawed trade entries. You may have detected a perfectly good trade setup and the trade is going well. Then as it starts to stall the comments of a news analyst come to mind and you exit prematurely from what could have been a very profitable trade. So it is good to view the News objectively and coordinate it with your own technical analysis. For newer traders the discussion forums can be helpful in bouncing ideas off other newer traders. One of the main benefits is encouragement and motivation from hearing how others are getting on. However, as to whether you can get good trading tips and strategies from the forums is in my mind a little doubtful. After I attended a Forex seminar run by a licensed professional who trades the Forex every day and is a fund manager, I noted his comment that the really successful Forex traders rarely have time to visit online forums and participate in discussions. They are too busy making money on the Forex! So as long as you approach forum discussions with the realization that most participants are also in the learning stage, you can evaluate their comments and suggestions accordingly. Definitely use the calendar to the full and depending on your level of expertise, use the News and Forums features to gain a better perspective of daily market activity.

The foreign exchange market, otherwise known as the forex market, is open twenty four hours a day and is the biggest market in the entire world. The only days it is not open for trading and exchanging is Saturday and Sunday. The amount of trading that goes on in this market is remarkable, ranging anywhere from three to four trillion dollars per day. Even though there such huge profits made in this market a majority of traders who make an endeavor do not succeed. It’s important to understand why most traders in the foreign exchange market fail because then it will be much easier for you to make a significant profit. Probably the number one reason that most traders are not successful is that they are not disciplined enough, that is they don’t have the self-control and persistence that is required to make a good profit from this market. Having these personality traits can lead to major losses. Another reason so many traders fail is because do not choose their leverage very wisely, they often times use too much leverage. Many traders also have bad money managing skills, they don’t know how to properly spend their money and save it and also when to spend and not spend. Poor education is another reason many traders don’t make it, they don’t do the proper amount of research before they make their endeavor which leads them down a path to failure. If you want to succeed you must know where others have failed in the past so you can avoid these trends at all costs. Your main goal is to make as much profit as you can so you don’t want to fall victim to these common mistakes. Finding the best automatic trading system has to do with avoiding the above mistakes so you can be as successful as possible.

Yet after a series of poor fiscal choices and bad bets by major banks the Euro has been hammered. The Euro has lost a large portion of its currency and some even believe the currency could be dissolved in the near future. With the Chinese Yuan essentially banned from trading, the Yen came in as the most popular Asian currency in 2010, being a part of 19% percent of all deals. The Japanese Yen is still a popular, strong, and stable currency in-spite of the fact that the Japanese government’s debt levels exceed 200% of its GDP. These debt levels, combination with an aging population and increasingly less competitive business sector, are making some Forex traders question the long-term prospects of the Japanese Yen. Still, strong political leadership and a resilient, if uninspiring, economy have helped the Yen remain stable even in spite of the challenges faced by Japan. Besides the already mentioned currencies there are numerous other small currencies that are also very popular in trading markets. The United Kingdom’s Pound Sterling is involved in nearly 13% of all trades. The Singaporean Dollar, Swiss Franc, and Australian Dollar, are three other popular currencies frequently traded on Forex markets. Numerous other currencies are also traded. Forex traders must correctly predict which currencies will rise and fail and within what time frame. By being able to do so traders can earn huge profits.

Also, find good forex training courses and resources in foreign currency trading. There are plenty of these online or find out where you can attend workshops locally. There are also online workshops where you can trade along live with professional traders to see how they analyze the market and execute trades. You not only can make profit while trading with professional traders, but you will be learning a life long skill you can use to trade on your own one day without having to rely on services like these. You can ask questions, which will be answered by experts on live chat, message boards and forums. There are courses on forex currency trading that give you instant access to their library where you can see historical trends and all types of useful literature. Professional forex traders run these forex training courses and offer videos with their own forex trading systems explained in detail.


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