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Dirty Dozens, 12 Ultimate Side Hustles & Work At Home Gigs

Are you a US resident who’s 18 years or older that has a working phone and computer with high-speed internet? If so, these job opportunities might be right for YOU!

Working from home is not a new concept, and employers need job seekers to do small projects for their customers. This demand has created new opportunities to do Side Hustles.Which can often be worked from your smartphone. Inspired by Black Excellist‘s Youtube video, here are a few you can start today!

  1. There are over 1 million apps available for download in the Apple or Google play store. Mobile Apps are a great way to find new side hustle opportunities. Do a “Gig” search from your Apple or Android device. You will see a long list of legit side hustle opportunities. Most Gig apps will recommend jobs based on your location and interests.

  1. Becoming a Medication Reminder is another option. Companies like Pleio hire Goodstart mentors to help patients follow a dedicated routine while on prescription medications. No medical degree is required but job seekers must be caring, detail oriented and good communicators. Visit their website for details:

  1. Data entry is another field of work where you work with a company or a business for whom you will be entering data. Data usually needs to be converted from paper to digital format. No experience is necessary however tasks can be repetitive. Search online for “ remote data entry jobs”. Companies hire data entry clerks, as independent contractors to work from home. You must meet certain requirements which may include typing speed, accuracy and having an active Paypal account.  

There are multiple ways to earn from home, and with more of the world going online, the possibilities seem limitless. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, caretaker, stay-at-home mom/dad or struggling college student who needs some extra cash but also wants the freedom and

flexibility to work remotely. Side hustles are a good source of income, just figure out what works best for you!

Opinion Profit Club is an online career resource to help you find jobs in the Gig Economy. We remove the confusion from working from home. We hope you liked this info. Feel free to post your questions and comments below.  Have a great day!

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