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babybay Among Top Co Sleeper Brands

The website Get toText rated the top 6 co-sleeper
brands and babybay is on the list! The article talks about how co-sleeping is
the current trend. The idea behind co-sleeping is to give the baby a feeling of
security by having their parents close by. This shared sleep is good for the
child’s development as well as anxiety prevention in those early months. 

The criteria used for choosing the Top 6 Co Sleeper brands are:

Reference brands: we make sure to select brands from the
childcare sector that have proven their worth and leave no doubt as to the
seriousness of manufacturing 

User reviews and feedback: ratings, testimonials from
parents, and advice from early childhood professionals are brought together in
order to draw the most objective assessment possible

Comparison and careful study of the characteristics of the
models on the different merchant sites

Total independence when choosing products: the models of the
brands mentioned are not aware of these analyzes or of influence on our

If you are looking at co sleeper brands consider the
leading, attachable, bedside co-sleeper by babybay. Not only are we
the only eco-friendly sleeper on the market, but we are also
committed to sustainable manufacturing. Each of our sleepers are made with the
highest quality, European beechwood, and, for every tree used, we plant
another. You’ll never see plastics, cardboard, or any toxic paints on our sleepers.
Plus, we hold 2 of the highest safety certifications from Europe and the United

Our customers love our bedside sleepers because they’re created
by parents, for parents — showing a true understanding of your everyday
struggles and needs. 

Eat Chiken

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